Michel Zura

Espiritu Santo Island Explorer Private Experience

Espiritu Santo Island When visiting La Baja, don’t just see it, you must discover and live it! Dare to discover marvelous landscapes on this adventure. Come explore our sea getting up close and personal with the flora and fauna that La Paz has to offer you.

Snorkeling with Sea Lion Private Expedition

Snorkeling Baja! When visiting La Baja, don’t just see it, you must discover and live it! Dare to discover marvelous landscapes on this adventure. Come explore our sea getting up close and personal with the flora and fauna that La Paz has to offer you.

Catamaran Cabo Arch Tour Private Experience

Catamaran Cabo Arch Tour. Come discover the beauty of the Sea of Cortez on our Catamaran experience. Visit the famous Los Cabos arches and take that perfect picture to keep as a memory. Navigate all the way to El Chileno beach, which is one of the best snorkeling spots known for its beautiful reefs filled

Ultimate UTV

Unique Wooden Hanging Bridge in Los Cabos! Come to our UTV Tour and venture among landscapes that only Baja California and Los Cabos can offer! Enjoy our UTV Adventure through 115 hectares, where you will experience various terrains in the same tour, including desert, narrow sandy roads, rocky mountains, beachfront and lastly cross our famous

Offroad Runners ATV’s

Best ATV Tour in Los Cabos! ATV Tour in Los Cabos: Come and venture among landscapes that only Baja California and Los Cabos can offer! Baja is known for its stunning paths snaking through the desert and challenging pilots as they explore the beauty of this rugged environment. Our Off-Road Runners tour is ATVs deluxe. To get

Horseback Riding

The Great Fandango – Horseback N’ Adventure. Ticket Types: Kids 4-12 Years Adult +13 Years Come live this unique experience of riding a horse in our Baja desert! Our horses are trained to be with adults and kids alike making this a great tour for the whole family. Our tour starts by meeting different rescued

Camel Quest

Camel Rides in Cabo! Camels are one of the friendliest and most loving animals you will ever meet. When you are with them, you lose track of time and get entranced by their gentle, peaceful and fun personalities. Camel Quest takes you on a journey through the El Tule oasis located at the bottom of

Moon Zipping Fire

The greatest of our Ziplines at night! Join us in this unique experience in Los Cabos! Ticket Types: Kids 8-12 Years Adult +13 Years On a 4-line route over 300 feet high across the night landscape of Baja California between flaming torches, smoke, music and neon lights; Once a week, let the moon and a

Bungee Bombers

Los Cabos Bungee Bombers is the Ultimate Vacation Experience! Wild Canyon’s Bungee Jump. Dare to take this great leap with us from our glass-bottomed góndola that is 300 feet above the ground. This is a unique experience that you simply can’t miss out on!  

The Sling Swinger

The Giant Swing! Remember all the fun you had as a child visiting the nearest playground, swinging as high as you could on the swings? Well, what if you could get even higher now on a swing? Check out our Sling Swing that is hanging from a gondola 300 feet above the ground-without a doubt

Monster Ziplines

The Largest Zipline Tour in Los Cabos! Enjoy the Baja desert flying through its vast canyons with Monster Ziplines. Ticket Types: Kids 8-12 Years Adult +13 Years This tour is for real! We have 300% more line length than any other place in Los Cabos, and the highest possible ziplines thanks to a land area

Whales Watching

Whales Watching When it comes to spotting whales, Cabo San Lucas is a worldwide hotspot. That’s because the waters surrounding Cabo are breeding areas and migratory stops for whales in the Pacific Ocean. To help you get as close to these magnificent creatures as possible and take pictures to memorialize the moment, our experts here

Padi Discover Scuba Diving

Padi Discover Scuba Diving Scuba diving in the Sea of Cortés is an unforgettable experience, with caves, reefs, and sand falls to explore. Let the expert team of Cabo Adventures’ PADI Five Star Dive Center introduce you to the wonders of Cabo’s underwater world. The following are some favorite dive locations suitable for beginner scuba

Diving Tour

Diving Tour Scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez is an unforgettable experience featuring amazing sea life, reefs, and sand falls to explore. On this diving tour you’ll get the chance to go scuba diving in the best of the best spots that the Sea of Cortez has to offer. Journey to top dive locations

Mountain Bike Adventure

Mountain Bike Adventure Our expert guides will lead you over sliding, sandy trails and up and down rolling hills in this one of a kind eco-adventure tour of the Mexican outback. Even better, your ride through this fascinating desert landscape will include an up-close look at the plants and wildlife that flourish in this seemingly

ATV Desert Adventure

ATV Desert Adventure Explore what the Baja desert has to offer on our ATV Desert Adventure! Traverse through the scenic canyon and mountain trails in a secluded, natural area. There is no better way to explore the Baja outback than on a brand new Polaris ATV vehicle with an experienced local guide leading the way.

Private Yacht Experience

Private Yacht Experience The Private Yacht Experience provides top-shelf service while cruising the scenic coastline of Los Cabos. Days can be spent onboard exploring the famous landmarks like the famous Arch and the attractions of the Land´s End,´s, relax while savoring cocktails on the sun deck or enjoy snorkel and paddle board with your friends.

Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling

Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling Expedition Journey through the desert to the Sea of Cortés to meet up with a local boat captain who will take us to the best snorkel locations in the area. Splash into the crystal clear waters of Pulmo Bay to discover an amazing treasure: a living reef estimated to be 20,000 years

Electric Bike Beach Adventure

Electric Biking Beach Tour Cactus lined sandy trails, hilly terrain and a beautiful, soft-sand beach beside the glistening Pacific are all part of the picturesque route on our Electric Bike Beach Adventure. Have fun on our new, easy-to-use electric bikes with specialized, wide wheels that handle well through both sandy and bumpy mountain trails. With

Luxury Day Sailing

Luxury Day Sailing Want to experience sailing at its finest? Cabo San Lucas is one of the best regions in the world for doing just that. And at Cabo Adventures, we’re here to help you set sail in style. Relax in luxury aboard one of our French-made sailing yachts. Designed for smooth sailing and comfort,

Off-Road Adventure

Off-Road Adventure Our Cabo San Lucas UTV is the perfect choice for you. This adrenaline-pumping UTV Cabo tour takes you through the spectacular landscape surrounding Cabo, giving you the chance to experience it like never before. Explore the Baja outback aboard a powerful four-seater Polaris UTV and learn more about the region with information from

Outback & Camel Safari

Outback & Camel Safari Set out on a voyage of unique proportions as you journey through the Baja desert atop a friendly camel. Discover the natural wonders and rich Baja Californian culture of the region from our expert guides at our new ranch, “Tierra Sagrada.” Get introduced to your camel by name before hopping on