La Paz

The city of La Paz is definitely a place that offers you services of first quality without losing the charm of a city still small, safe and welcoming but cosmopolitan, that covers all your needs. It is the place to enjoy beaches, landscapes, water activities, adventure and walks almost exclusively, thanks to its tranquility and its unique characteristics that make it a place away from the hustle and bustle.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a Mexican destination that offers a perfect combination of good weather and spectacular scenery. With marine and wide San Lucas Bay is where the Sea of Cortés (Gulf of California) and the Pacific Ocean meet. It has everything you need for a relaxed (or active) vacation with the best accommodation options, especially in the Tourist Corridor and a huge variety of activities and tours. There is good access from US airports and Canada as from destinations within Mexico, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, without so many people, friendly people and with that touch of being away and disconnected from everything, CSL is a safe, entertaining and is waiting for you!

Todos Santos

Among rustic granite streets and buildings dyed in multiple colors adorned by green cactus, family gardens and flavors of the sea, Todos Santos is located deep in the desert and with horizons that contemplate the Pacific Ocean. You will find an oasis of green fields and fruit trees almost as easily as you can enjoy works of art and dazzling galleries, it is the home of many artists who deploy their talent thanks to the unbeatable climate of this Magic Town has achieved its traditions survive through time, traditions that you can live in your own flesh while you relax with hot stones of the sea.

Los Barriles

Over the bay of Las Palmas, the beaches of this site are flooded with multicolored parachutes and candles for visitors who like to practice sports such as windsurfing and sailing. Few places in the Gulf of California are as rich in flora and fauna as Los Barriles. One of the species that abounds in the place is the whale shark, a harmless species for man, since, unlike its feared relatives, it feeds only on the tiny animals and algae that make up the plankton. Its mouth, although it can reach almost a meter wide, lacks teeth, so it filters the food through its gills.

San José del cabo

San José del Cabo, together with the neighboring city of Cabo San Lucas and the 32 km long area that separates them, called El Corredor (Tourist Corridor), form the tourist destination known as Los Cabos. If Cabo San Lucas is a cosmopolitan and noisy tourist destination, San José del Cabo is relaxed, quiet and colonial, it is more what someone has in mind when thinking of a typical Mexican town. The beautiful area of the historic center, with pedestrian zones, colonial houses and colonial design buildings and the relaxed pace with which things happen in the city.