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A Flyboard is a unique piece of sporting equipment that puts the power of pressurized jets of water at your command! You strap into boots fixed to a board that’s connected by a long, flexible hose to a watercraft that forces water (almost 1,000 gallons each minute at more than 60 PSI) through jet nozzles underneath your boots. The force of that water can propel you up to 50 feet in the air or 8 feet down under the waves for pure watersports excitement that you control with slight movements of your body. And the more you move, the faster you’ll master the board!

To make sure that your time flying and diving, hovering and flipping, is as safe as possible, your instructor will control the throttle during your Flyboard adventure and will never give you more power than you can handle. If you ever feel like you’re flying too high, all you need to do is let your instructor know and they’ll make subtle adjustments so you can focus on having fun.

About this activity

Your Flyboard adventure will begin with an orientation in which your instructor will show you how to put on your gear – a life jacket and a helmet – and strap into the board, enter the water and move around, and finally, how to soar (and land) safely. Most of our guests find getting up easy because the Flyboard’s jets are doing all the work! And once you’re in the air, moving forward and backward is merely a matter of pointing your toes up or down, and moving side to side only takes lifting a knee. You don’t have to be particularly strong to master controlling your Flyboard, though our guests with good balance definitely have an advantage. How high you can fly will be up to your instructor. He or she will make that call by assessing how comfortable you are on the board.


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Small Groups Mean a Safer Adventure

We purposefully keep the size of our Flyboard adventure groups small so our instructors can provide one on one guidance for the entire time our guests are enjoying their Flyboards. You can relax and enjoy the thrills knowing that you are in good hands!

Your day will include

  • 3 hours (30 minutes flight)
  • Bottled water
  • Instruction
  • Gear
  • Sandwich


  • Minimum age: 12 years old
  • Maximum weight: 250 lbs (113 Kg)
  • For safety reasons expecting mothers, persons with back or neck, heart, balance or/and dizziness conditions are restricted
  • The use of cameras is prohibited

What to bring

  • A change of clothes
  • Secure swimsuit
  • Biodegradable sunscreen