Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the website BANZAI.TRAVEL

1 Data Privacy Principles and Utilization of Personal Data

We, BANZAI.TRAVEL, are pleased that you are visiting our website and we would like to provide you with some information about the collection, processing and use of personal data when using this website. BANZAI.TRAVEL. collects, processes and uses personal data exclusively according to this data privacy statement and within the scope of statutory authorization. If you need further information or have any questions about how BANZAI.TRAVEL handles data privacy, please contact

2 What is personal data?

In Mexico, the meaning of “personal data” is defined in the LEY FEDERAL DE PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS PERSONALES EN POSESIÓN DE LOS PARTICULARES. Or FEDERAL LAW OF PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA IN POSSESSION OF INDIVIDUALS. This Act defines personal data as any information concerning the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual. This includes information such as your name, your address, your telephone number or your date of birth.

3 General Information about Data Privacy

Unless stated otherwise in the following sections, no personal data will be collected, processed or used while using this website.

3.1 Contact

By using the link “Contact us”, you can send us enquiries of a general nature. To process these data, we will collect your contact details (name and email address). We will store both these data and the correspondence transferred by us and use them exclusively for the purpose for which you transferred it to us and in order to improve our service.

3.2 Connection information

When you access our website, particular information is transmitted by a standard procedure, such as the IP address, type and version of the web browser used, the operating system used, the website where you came from and the time of visiting the website. As a rule, we will analyze these data only statistically in order to prevent errors and to improve our services. Only in the event of potential abuse related to bookings, we would use the connection information to facilitate the identification of the responsible person.

3.3 Community

If you decide to become active in the BANZAI.TRAVEL Community, for instance by uploading photos or by creating texts such as reviews and descriptions, you will decide yourself which personal data will be visible to both BANZAI.TRAVEL and all visitors of the platform. You may change these settings at any time. BANZAI.TRAVEL will not disclose any personal data unless you have given us your explicit prior approval. If you participate in the BANZAI.TRAVEL Content Community, payout of your earned points requires that you provide your bank details. We need these details in order to pay out when you wish us to do so the points you have collected. The BANZAI.TRAVEL user account and the information contained therein are encrypted with a password, so that the user alone can access such personal data. This user profile can be edited by the user at any time.

3.4 Activity Provider or Concierge Function

Activities Providers or Concierges can manage their profile by using the commercial profile assigned by BANZAI.TRAVEL. The use of this function requires registration. The data will be used solely to implement the contractual relations between BANZAI.TRAVEL and the Activities Providers or Concierges. These data will not be forwarded to third parties.

3.5 Email Advertising

If you have given your separate consent to receive our newsletter, your email address will be stored and used for the purpose of personal email advertising of BANZAI.TRAVEL offers, until you unsubscribe from the newsletter. We employ the double opt-in method for the registration. In other words, after you have registered for the service and informed us of your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail in return from us, containing a link that you must use to confirm your registration. Your registration and confirmation will be recorded. The newsletter will not be sent until this has been done. This procedure is used to ensure that only you yourself can register with the newsletter service under the specified e-mail address. It is possible to unsubscribe at any time. To unsubscribe, please send an email or use the corresponding link at the end of each email.

3.6 Booking Data

In all cases BANZAI.TRAVEL offers can be booked via a direct interface on the relevant booking site. During this procedure, BANZAI.TRAVEL collects specific data of its users – such as the name, address, and credit card details – on behalf of the Activities Providers site that is the contracting partner of the user. BANZAI.TRAVEL will then transfer these data to the relevant Activities Providers websites so that the user can then effectively file his/her offer to book the Activity Option through BANZAI.TRAVEL.

3.7 Applications

If you apply for a job with BANZAI.TRAVEL, we collect, process and use of your personal data for the purpose of processing your online application. Your online application data is sent directly to the human resources department via an encrypted connection and is of course treated as confidential. We use the relevant technical and organizational methods to ensure that your personal data is treated in a confidential manner according to legal requirements.
If you have applied for a specific position and this has already been filled, or we consider you equally or more suitable for a different position, we would like to pass on your application within our company. Please inform us, if you do not wish for us to do so. Your personal data will be deleted immediately once the application process has ended, or after a maximum of 6 months, unless you expressly consent to your data being stored for a longer period of time.

4 Data Transmission

As a booking platform, BANZAI.TRAVEL only brokers Activities Providers deals of the relevant booking Activities Options. Accordingly, a booking is made on the pages of BANZAI.TRAVEL website. In each case you enter into a contract with the Activities Providers and not with BANZAI.TRAVEL. Data will be collected there directly by the third party. Please also note the relevant data privacy statement of the Activities Providers terms and Privacy.
In the following cases, your data may be passed on to the competent authorities / courts:
of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico

  • In certain cases, disclosure to national and international authorities and/or courts is required by law due to a prior administrative or court order. In these cases, the data are passed on in a manner complying with the legal requirements.
  • Insofar as this is required in order to prevent illegal or potentially illegal acts, or to protect the rights, property or security of TRAVEL the website or users of the website, and to protect such in in a legally admissible manner.
  • In relation with a business transaction, such as the sale of a branch or a department, a merger, the consolidation or sale of assets or, in the unlikely event of insolvency, we may pass on your data to the competent authorities, the appointed insolvency trustee and/or the potential transaction partner.

5 Cookies

The BANZAI.TRAVEL website uses cookies. Cookies are text files saved on the user’s computer when visiting a website on the Internet.
We use so called ‘session cookies’, which, depending on the settings in your browser, will be deleted when the browser is closed.
We also use cookies that are used once a session is over (‘trans-session cookies’). These Cookies serve in particular to make our service more user-friendly and effective. Thanks to these files, it is possible, for instance, that you will be provided with information specifically tailored to your interests on the webpage currently being viewed. The sole purpose is to adjust our services to the users’ wishes as best as we can and to make for you the use of our website as convenient as possible.
You can prevent the use of cookies by not permitting them in your browser. You can change the relevant settings in your browser.
You can find further information on the use of cookies on your website in this Cookie Policy.

6 Social Media

On our website, we have integrated links to various social media services (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn). By clicking on the relevant symbol or the full name, you will be redirected to the website of the relevant service.
If you select the symbol “Share” and select a corresponding social media service, you may publish an event (such as a specific search result) on the website of this service.
If you go to the link of a service below the text line “Follow us”, you can follow our activities on the platform of the relevant service.
On the social media service websites, the data privacy policies and terms of use of the relevant service apply. BANZAI.TRAVEL. does not have any impact on the collection, processing, and use of data on these websites.

7 Facebook Connect

We allow you to sign up and log in using your Facebook account. If you sign up using Facebook, Facebook will ask your permission to share certain information from your Facebook account with BANZAI.TRAVEL. This may include your first name, last name, email address in order for us to verify your identity and gender, general location, a link to your Facebook profile, your time zone, birthday, profile picture, your “likes” and your list of friends.
This information is collected by Facebook and is provided to us under the terms of Facebook’s privacy policy. You can control the information that we receive from Facebook using the privacy settings in your Facebook account.
If you sign up to BANZAI.TRAVEL using Facebook, your BANZAI.TRAVEL account will be connected automatically to your Facebook account, and information regarding your activity on BANZAI.TRAVEL, may be shared with Facebook and may be published in your timeline and your Facebook friends’ newsfeeds.

8 Google+

You can sign up and log in using your Google+ account. When you sign up using Google+, Google will ask your permission to share certain information from your Google+ account with BANZAI.TRAVEL. This may include your first name, last name, email address in order for us to verify your identity and gender, a link to your Google+ profile, your profile picture, and your list of friends. This information is collected by Google and is provided to us under the terms of Google’s privacy policy.
If you sign up to BANZAI.TRAVEL using Google+, by default information regarding your activity on BANZAI.TRAVEL will be visible on Google to everyone in your Google+ circles and shared with Google according to Google’s terms of service and Google’s privacy policy. For more information on how to manage the activities you share back to your Google+ account, see Google’s support page. You can manage who from your Google+ circles see your BANZAI.TRAVEL activity from within your Google+ App settings page.

9 Security

BANZAI.TRAVEL implements technical and organizational security measures to safeguard stored personal data against inadvertent or deliberate manipulation, loss or destruction and against access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological progress.

10 Your rights

Upon written request, we will be glad to inform you pursuant to our obligation by law if and which personal data of yours are stored with us. Under the conditions of the LEY FEDERAL DE PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS PERSONALES EN POSESIÓN DE LOS PARTICULARES. Or FEDERAL LAW OF PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA IN POSSESSION OF INDIVIDUALS. provisions, you may request correction, blocking and deletion of such data, unless these requests conflict with statutory time limits for storage.
Concerning your rights please contact:


In the event that there are variances between the data privacy statements in various languages arising from translation, then the English version shall prevail.