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Cabo Pulmo Scuba Diving

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is one of the best dive sites in the world known to scuba divers worldwide for its abundance of exotic marine life. Some of the highlights being el Islote, el Bajo, los Cantiles and a shipwreck, “El Colima”, which was a tuna boat sunk by a storm in 1939 whose pilothouse and hull are now covered in corals, green anemones and a few dazzling nudibranchs!* This spectacular dive site is one of the most incredible places in the world for diving and can be best enjoyed through responsible diving.

About this activity

Diving with the assistance of scuba gear allows you to experience the wonders of the ocean firsthand—and Cabo Pulmo diving is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the premier diving locations in all of Mexico.

An abundance of marine life, warm waters, and the type of seclusion that only a park can bring make Cabo Pulmo a truly spectacular section of the sea.

Take a journey of discovery as you dive into the heart of the Sea of Cortés to this marine sanctuary that is home to over 200 species of fish and sea life including big-eyed jacks, snappers, porkfish, large schooling fish, sea turtles and much more! Come see the giant groupers and maybe even a bull shark or manta ray! Immerse yourself in adventure and let this colorful, aquatic universe take your breath away!



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You’ll want to schedule it at the right time. June to December offer the greatest visibility, warmest water and longest periods of calm weather. Visibility can exceed 100 feet but averages 40 – 50. The temperature averages between 78°F and 85°F.

Trip details:

  • Dives: 2 Dives
  • Water Temp: 62-86°F/17-30°C
  • Average Visibility: 39 ft/12 m
  • Depth: 30-100 ft/9-30 m
  • Anybody signing up for courses will be asked to complete a medical clearance questionnaire.

*Dive sites subject to change daily based on sea conditions.

Your day will include

  • Diving Equipment
  • Towels
  • 2 Dives
  • Food and drinks
  • Light Snacks
  • Round trip transportation in an air-conditioned van from Los Cabos to Cabo Pulmo (approximately 2 hours each way)


  • Minimum age: 12 years old
  • Maximum weight: 265 lbs (120 kg)
  • Expecting mothers are restricted 
  • Certified diver must provide proof of certification
  • At least one immersion in the 12 months prior to diving with Cabo Adventures is required
  • Based on PADI’s flying after diving recommendations, certified divers shouldn’t fly within 18 hours after two or more dives in a day
  • Guests with respiratory, cardiovascular or ear problems are restricted
  • Be in good mental and physical condition for diving
  • Avoid being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while diving
  • Good mental and physical conditions are required
  • An acknowledgement of risk will need to be signed before participation
  • This tour is only for Certified divers and open water certification must be provided

What to bring

  • Swimsuit
  • Change of clothes
  • Biodegradable sunscreen

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